Date: 2017-04-23 02:31 am (UTC)
yonic: alison bechdel (sparrow)
From: [personal profile] yonic
Hey, I'm 26, live in the southeast US, and right now the biggest thing in my life is trying to find a job (I might have one already but I'm waiting for more information!) and helping take care of a sick family member. It sounds very exciting, I'm sure... :P

I love to consume just about all types of media although I'm pretty casual about it and never contribute to fandoms. I used to love to draw but rarely ever drew fanart and haven't been in the mood to create anything lately. I'm trying to get myself interested again so maybe I can draw lesbian comics or illustrations! If I do, maybe I'll post some here.

Anyway, about lesbian media... I feel like we're so starved for Good Content!! I like little rarepairs here and there - right now my favorite is Pansy Parkinson/Millicent Bulstrode from Harry Potter. Half the time I end up inventing OCs for shows/books/etc that I like just to ship them with the female characters (or make up more characters to ship them with - I have a Game of Thrones AU in my head about a women-only group/camp/whatever of wildlings who like the FIGHT and HUNT, you know, GIRL STUFF, and it's all very gay).

@ mod - I wasn't sure I wanted to watch JtV or Supergirl but now you've convinced me. 8)
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