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Name:Lesbians on DW
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Lesbian community on dreamwidth


[community profile] actuallylesbians is a community for lesbians on Dreamwidth!

Post things like:
  • Recommendations for a great lesbian movie or book you just saw/read.
  • News stories pertaining to lesbians.
  • Venting or asking for advice.
  • Whatever else that doesn't break the rules!
  • If/when we have enough members, there may be general chat / friending posts.

Rules & Guidelines:
  • "Lesbian" is defined as women who are solely attracted (romantically and sexually) to other women. "Woman" is defined as someone who identifies and lives as a woman.
  • Don't join if you're bisexual and dating men. If you're bisexual and in a long-term committed relationship with another woman, then feel free! Also please note you don't have to 100% identify as a woman--i.e. nonbinary, genderqueer, detransitioned-- if you're okay with the language and it describes your life experience.
  • Interrogating lesbian sexuality or questioning its existence is obviously not allowed.
  • NO hate speech or slurs are allowed. (The obvious exception is if you are reclaiming one.) Comments that are racist, ableist, transphobic, etc. may be deleted and will likely result in the user being banned.
  • Adult/NSFW content is allowed, but no explicit porn, and all entries with adult content must be appropriately flagged and said content must be behind a cut.
  • Use trigger warnings where appropriate. Common warnings are things like homophobic violence, hate speech, and sexual assault.
  • Do not spam. You're allowed to promote communities here, but do so sparingly and only if it's relevant to our members. If you're posting 3 promos and 5 one-liner posts in a row, that's spamming.
  • Do not delete posts (unless you accidentally posted here). If you feel a post has gotten out of hand, reach out to the mods.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, contact the mods.

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